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Search doesn’t have to be stressful.

In 2010, we set out to improve every aspect of the boutique retained search business. Our platform—and its proprietary search project methodology—helps boutique search firms delight their clients, close projects in half the time, and maintain a steady stream of business.

From finding and winning new work to giving clients complete confidence in their candidate selection, we found a way to make it all run like Clockwork.

Hundreds of the top boutique firms manage their search projects and run their business on Clockwork.

Clockwork is a powerful database, CRM, project management software solution, and proven search methodology all rolled into one. Setup is quick and effortless, so you can be up and running within a day, managing all projects, your sales pipeline, email marketing campaigns, team and client communications—and ultimately, your business—right inside the platform.

Controlled Transparency
Clockwork’s patented transparency feature lets you control what clients see.

Built-in CRM
Powerful CRM keeps you on track with business development and task reminders.

Anytime, Online Access
Access Clockwork from anywhere you have an internet connection, including your phone.

Effortless Setup
Setup in minutes, not weeks. It’s simple and easy to get started with Clockwork.

Give clients what they want — and keep them coming back.

Clockwork’s project-focused, cloud-based platform follows a proven methodology for running and growing your business while providing a collaborative environment that makes it easy for your team and clients to work together. You’ll increase client satisfaction with improved transparency and real-time communication, while helping your team consistently deliver the best results.

Using Clockwork helps establish a strong project partnership from the outset. The client has a clear window into project progress and is therefore your partner in decision making, which in turn supports an open, honest, foundation of trust. That foundation is simply the difference between success and failure in a search.

Jen Colosi, Founder & Partner, Colosi Associates

Clockwork is a fantastic system and I am so glad that we chose to become customers. We are so much more efficient and effective as a team. Our clients are also really happy with the system and that makes it all very worthwhile.

Hunter Murray, Partner, Northwind Partners I Global Executive Advisory Services

It's changed the way I interact with clients and it's changed the way I run searches. I just fundamentally feel more organized. I can communicate with my clients in a more focused way. I also use it for marketing. Prospective clients like to hear that I offer transparency.

Dave Arnold, President, Arnold Partners, LLC

We like it when our search firms use Clockwork. It makes it really easy for us to log in and see what is going on with a search.

Melissa Taunton, Partner, New Enterprises Associates (NEA)

Make your team more effective.

Clockwork makes you faster and more efficient. Your personalized client portal and advanced searchable database will help you identify top candidates within seconds, eliminate manual reporting, improve collaboration and automatically grab contact information from social media sources.

We know your clients and team rely on you — so we’ve got your back.

You’re doing really important and meaningful work. Our work is to make your life easier by helping your business run more smoothly. Our process-driven platform ensures you and your team can do your best work—sustainably—and leave the grind behind.

We give you everything you need to:

  • beat the big guys,
  • improve every aspect of your workflow, and
  • build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

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