We’re here to support the owners of the boutique firms who are hustling every day to win work, keep clients happy,

and take care of their teams and families.

We believe you don’t need a big firm to do great work. With the right process and methodology, any firm can get what they deserve: the work and the clients they want, the business they’ve always dreamed of, and ultimately, the luxury of choice.

Our founder was a recruiter himself for many years, and learned that there was a better way of doing search. It was noticeably more efficient, and more transparent and collaborative with the client. He also experienced firsthand all the limitations of the tools in the market. Because he couldn’t find the solution he sought and was so passionate about improving the search process and business methodology, he set out to create his own complete solution that had “good search” and “best business practices” baked into the platform. His #1 goal was to improve how they work with their clients, and have happier clients as a result.

Happy clients = repeat business = flourishing search firm.

We have 200 Retained Search Firms as customers, representing over 1,000 Recruiters working on the platform and more than 8,000 daily users. Using our product-supported methodology, our customers have closed over 30,000 projects in half the time of the industry average.

The reason why so many search firms are switching to Clockwork is because it’s what their clients are asking for. Clients love the transparency and collaborative experience of working with firms using Clockwork. Smart firms know that their chances of winning new clients greatly increase when they tell clients that they use Clockwork.

Show your clients what you can do with Clockwork.

Christian Spletzer
Founder and CEO

Christian drives Clockwork’s strategic product and market initiatives based on his firsthand experience as an executive recruiter.
Before founding Clockwork in 2010, he worked at CTPartners, a top 10 global executive search firm, where he worked as both a recruiter and within operations and IT.

headshot1Jay Greene
Co-Founder & COO

Jay oversees all Clockwork product, finance and operations functions, information technology and human resources.
Jay was a member of the U.S. Department of Treasury bail-out team managing the $700 billion TARP program. He focused on building its financial transaction systems, defining its enterprise architecture and developing data integration points with its partner organizations.

Greg Schroeder

Greg oversees all of Clockwork’s product development and manages the global engineering team. Greg has led the product and technology teams of several companies, including roles as Founder / CTO of TasteBook, which was acquired by Penguin Random House, and CTO of GoFish.

Jessica Hammond
Director of Product

Jessica brings a deep commitment to user goal attainment through product design and infrastructure. Executing a user-centered product vision, clearly and with enthusiasm, to create products users love is a great joy for her.

Chris Garrett
Research Project Manager

Chris brings together his experience in management consulting and project management to ensure the success of Clockworks customers.

Alisha Mawji
Customer Success Manager

Alisha’s passion lies in identifying and championing users’ needs, exceeding expectations, and ensuring that every Clockwork customer is given the attention they deserve. She brings with her over two years of customer success experience, and maple-syrup-sweet Canadian charm.

Work at Clockwork.

Our success, like that of our customers and their clients, begins and ends with the right talent. Join a team that delivers every day. Send us an email, explaining why you should work here. We look forward to hearing from you!