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How To Get Your Client Invested In The Search Process

By | Executive Search Strategy

Executive search is a collaborative service.

In fact, a search typically only ever proves successful if the client you’re conducting it with is invested in the process—meaning they’re engaged and committed to ensuring you have the information and insight you need to locate and land quality candidates. As a recruiter, you can’t make decisions unilaterally on your client’s behalf. You’re not familiar with your client’s company and their unique set of challenges. In order to do your job effectively, you and your client have to work together.

The trouble is, cultivating this sort of commitment on behalf of your client can be challenging. But there are steps you can take to ensure your clients participate actively in your process.

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What Makes a Successful Search: The 4 Core Roles Broken Down

By | Executive Search Strategy

Not all search firms are created equal, but firms that prove successful do tend to have certain features in common.

For one thing, search firms are generally powered by a few core functions, each serving a specific purpose. There are the roles of enforcing strategy, conducting research, leading administrative organization, and, of course, the actual recruiting. Read More