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Starting A Search Firm? Here Are Your First 3 Steps

By | Executive Search Strategy

Executive Search is an inherently entrepreneurial business. Recruiters who hustle find success. That’s one reason why so many recruiters eventually decide to start their own firms.

Of course, there’s more to it than that. Retained search is an interesting business. You get to work with senior executives at exciting companies and help them solve challenging problems.

If you’re already working in the recruiting industry, branching out on your own amounts to seizing control of your own future. Yet, starting a search firm can be a huge leap. And if you—like many recruiters—are thinking about taking that leap right now, you might not know where exactly to start.
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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Executive Recruiting Software

By | Executive Search Strategy

In the recruiting software world, there’s a platform for just about everything. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make mistakes if you don’t take certain things into account when selecting your executive recruiting software.

In the retained search world, you need to clearly demonstrate your consultative value to your clients on every project, at every stage of each project. They need to feel like they hired the right firm from the beginning to the end of the project. Finding a software product to help you do that can be a challenge. You also need a way to still keep track of all the phone calls, meetings, interviews, and documents you accumulate on each and every project you run.

The trick, of course, is finding the right recruiting software for your business. Just like no two businesses are exactly alike, neither are two recruitment platforms, and it’s crucial that you find the right fit for your business.
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