Our Brand Promise To You, Our Happy Customers

We are more than just software. From winning work to celebrating a placement with a delighted client and everywhere in between, Clockwork makes every stage of the retained search process better. We are your trusted partner for growing your business and delivering consistent quality and results to clients that deserve the best.

Clockwork fundamentally changed the way we deliver our services and communicate with our clients – for the better. We use Clockwork to research our potential candidate base prior to meeting with prospective clients, giving them comfort even before they engage us that we can deliver. They also see the platform in which we communicate. Throughout the search process our clients can see our progress and efforts on a real-time basis. It has made our boutique business a much more creditable competitor to the big guys and blows away our competition. My only regret is not using this service sooner!

Dave Arnold, President, Arnold Partners, LLC

Our Brand Promise to the Clients of Our Customers

When you work with a retained search firm using Clockwork, you’ll have a level of visibility and collaboration that’s only available on this platform, giving you confidence throughout every stage of the search process – from hiring the right search firm to placing the best candidate and every step along the way.

Clockwork dramatically improves my experience as a client. It’s tailored for executive search, intuitive, and incredibly slick.

Shawn Riegsecker, CEO, Centro

See What Other Companies Are Saying

Clockwork has been incredibly helpful for my international work. I do a lot of work with companies in Sweden, Brazil, Germany, and Italy. If I had to use the old method of sending PDFs, it would be a nightmare. There was one search especially that my clients were expecting to be emailed dozens of resumes and they were amazed to see that they could just log in and look at candidates. This way, everyone can log in in the middle of the night or whenever is convenient for them and view and comment on candidates. They love it!

Brian Hagman, Managing Partner, Sanford Rose Associates Blair

Status calls on Clockwork are so great – Before, I’d usually be rushing around before the call, entering data, typing in people’s backgrounds. Now we just keep it up as we go and it’s easy.

Nikki Stone, Director, Ventura Partners

Clockwork saved me 30 hours a week on data entry. And that freed me up to do more search work, which helped me advance in my business. It’s great.

Jon Bennet, Consultant, The Lancer Group

I’m really enjoying Clockwork, definitely more than the other system I was using. I invite my clients to the project and I don’t have to do status reports anymore! My clients love the high-tech aspect of it too–they brag about being able to log in and see what’s going on at any time.

David Hart, Managing Director, ZRG Partners

Clockwork is a fantastic system and I am so glad that we chose to become customers. We are so much more efficient and effective as a team. Our clients are also really happy with the system and that makes it all very worthwhile.

Hunter Murray, Partner, Northwind Partners

I think the user interface is very simple, intuitive and guided towards the primary use cases. It is not overwhelmed with secondary and tertiary functionality. It works exactly like you think it should work. Great product.

Matt Malden, Chief Product Officer, Docusign