Note Templates Make Your Life Easier

It’s the little things in life that cumulatively have big results. Our new Note Template feature may not seem like a big deal—until you use it. Now it’s easier than ever to keep your team updated on the most recent developments regarding a recruiting project, client, or candidate.

Note Templates are fully customizable, reusable note selections that can be used any time you want to leave a note inside the Clockwork Recruiting platform.

Many of our users found themselves saying similar things again and again in different areas of the platform to keep their team in the loop concerning the work they were doing. We picked up on that repetition, and we are happy to officially introduce our new Note Templates feature that makes it possible to customize your frequently used messages.

We have a full support article on the topic, but you can easily access the new feature by logging in to Clockwork Recruiting, and navigating to your Firm Settings, then to your Configure tab. Click on the Industries menu to find the Note Templates menu.

You can sort Note Templates by creator, and these templates will be available to your entire team to help them all streamline their workflow processes.

After all, isn’t that what this is all about? Getting more done in less time?

To get the most out of these Note Templates, consider also using them for:

  • Listing standard questions that need to be asked during interviews
  • Listing other items to check off when evaluating candidates
  • Sharing standard introductory emails that you’ll be sending to candidates en masse

What other repetitive daily tasks are costing you time? We love making your life easier as you work hard to find the best candidates for your clients. Head on over to our ideas page to let us know what is on your mind.

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