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Built by former executive recruiters, our collaborative search platform focuses on client satisfaction at each stage of the search process—while still tracking all the phone calls, meetings, interviews, and documents on every project.

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Searches run on Clockwork close in half the time. 

Firms using Clockwork achieve a 95% placement rate.

Our proven retained search methodology is built into every project. 

Clockwork is the only recruiting software that improves how search firms and their clients work together on retained search projects.

8 Stages of Retained Search

The 8 Stages of Retained Search

Jen Colosi

Founder & Partner

Colosi Associates

"Clockwork makes the entire search process much more efficient, from pitching the work to the day to day communications about search. As a communication tool, it supports a trust relationship with your client like no other tools do. Clients know what is going on with the search because they can check in to get real time updates at any time of day. And when we want to share status updates with the client, we don’t have to dig that information out of some backend system to produce reports in various formats. That information is always at our fingertips with Clockwork."

Shawn Riegsecker

Chairman and CEO


"Clockwork dramatically improves my experience as a client. It’s tailored for executive search, intuitive, and incredibly slick."