Resume Parsing is Now Better Than Ever

Clockwork is pleased to announce we’ve upgraded our resume parsing software to Sovren, the world’s best AI Matching Resume and Job parsing platform.

As you can probably guess, the Clockwork Recruiting team has had the opportunity to evaluate almost every resume parsing technique on the market. When put to the test, Sovren’s parsing beat out the competition and proved to be even more reliable than humans. We are confident you’ll achieve the very best parsing results possible with our new resume parsing solution.

Clockwork users won’t notice anything different on the front end thanks to our seamless integration, but our resume extraction feature will now have increased accuracy and faster speed as a result of this upgrade.

Read more about how to parse a resume or CV inside the Clockwork Recruiting platform in our Knowledge Base article. You can also learn how to implement Contact Grabber to more efficiently grab contacts from external websites and pull them directly into your Clockwork Recruiting account.

Clockwork is the only recruiting software that improves how search firms and their clients work together on retained search projects.

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